10 Things to Do When You’ve Claimed That You Have Nothing to Do.

It was 2240hrs, (1040 pm for all you non-shift workers) and I exclaimed to my Mother, “I need a hobby!!!”. She giggled at me. My 57 year old mother, giggled at me. I said, “What? Whats so funny.” She said to me, smiling, “You had those beads…but, you just quit everything you start.” Oh that cut low. Then she said, “And you’ve got no money, hahahhaa!”. Real low, Ma. Real low. 

I can totally understand, if I were 57 and I had a 24 yr old daughter at home still…A daughter whose complaining about being bored and needing a hobby after just finishing nursing school. A daughter who is just waiting for that special piece of paper called a Temporary License to come in the mail, so that she can actually start working as a Nurse! End Rant.

So, anyway, I need a hobby. Actually, I could call this “blogging thing” a hobby. I’ll just add that to the “10 things”. Today was a very long day, and I did stuff that I would have only done while boredom ensued.

The next time that you claim that you have absolutely NOTHING to do, just come back here for some ideas!

10 things to do when you claim you have nothing to do:

  1. ORGANIZE that clutter of papers thats just sitting in that corner of your house. Yeah. I know you have that clutter. Everyone does. If you claim that you don’t…well, you’re probably lying or forgetting about that junk drawer that’s filled to the brim. I just spent 1.5 hrs sorting through papers. They were financial, medical, school, taxes, and speeding tickets… that desperately needed their own place.
  2. Count the nickels and dimes in your money jar, start rolling them up and depositing them in your bank account. I started to count mine today, but after only counting to $20, I realized that it wasn’t worth the effort. (Wow, I just discredited #2)
  3. Start a blog. Seriously, it takes a long time. Especially if you’ve got a Type A personality, or a hint of OCD. I think I spent 5-6 hrs on the first night I opened this blog. And I still can’t figure some things out.
  4. Skype with your sister. Or anyone who doesn’t live within 3hrs of you. I spent 2 hours this morning talking to my sister. We both were wearing our Pyjamas, sipping coffee and chatting about all kinds of things, and before we knew it, the morning was almost gone!
  5. Clean your bedroom. Yeah, I’m one of those people. Does this ever change when you get older? Once you’ve always had a messy room, will you always have a messy room? I am 24 yrs old, I’ve lived on my own twice, and whether I’m with my parents or at my own place, my bedroom always becomes a disaster! Everything else remains very clean and sanitary, but my bedroom just suffers. I think I just let my stress out there. Maybe when I’m married, I’ll get my act together… haha
  6. Go for a drive. You’ll discover a new trail you’ve never known about, a new restaurant to check out, an up and coming neighbourhood tha
    Stumbled upon this when out for a drive, bring a camera with you!

    t just seemed to pop out of no where. If you drive by the mansions, you can dream about living there, or wonder what those people do for a living to afford such a place ;P

  7. Pull out a colouring book. Don’t have one? Seriously, its 2016. Its the new adult thing to do. Go to Chapters, and pick up a colouring book, head to the dollar store for some Crayons. Its worth it. Such a stress reliever. Especially if you add wine to the mix 😉
  8. Read a book that you’ve just never had the time read before, that one book thats just been sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Read it.
  9. Call up a friend, ask them to meet you for coffee. This has to be one of my favourite things to do. Lots of people would love to have coffee, and they might be available at the perfect time for you. Just pick up the phone and ask.
  10. Start a new hobby. Yeah, thats a big task. Maybe I’ll go back to beading, CORRECTION MOTHER, it was “Jewelry Making”. If I go back to it, then she can’t say that I quit everything I start, right? Right?! She knows me way too well.

Anyway, thats the list. Hope you enjoyed it and have some new ideas on what to do. Does anyone have any hobby ideas for me? I love to learn, I’m thinking I should just learn a new language?

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