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On Their Shoulders

Invading into our lives, this virus came Not knowing how it would affect us, We shrugged it off, and shook our heads.When everything changed the first timeWe said that we were “all in this together”We looked at the healthcare workers,The only ones headed to work, and thought“they need us right now, we will be there … Continue reading On Their Shoulders


An acrostic poetic opinion about opinions! Opinions are important, yes,Proclaiming your views can be influentialI have difficulty sharing them, becauseNot all people receive them wellImagine if we just listenedOh, that would be too kindNot sure if yours, or theirs, could change mindsAre you opening your mind?To truly understand,Even if you disagree?Deliver your views, but open … Continue reading Opinionated

Hair Haiku

When I was in grade 9, we had to complete a Poetry Project, in English class. It was one of my favourite projects. I pulled it out today, and found this Haiku poem about hair, its super cute: HAIRI just cut my hairIt used to be layered longNow its short and cute Red hair every … Continue reading Hair Haiku

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