On Their Shoulders

Invading into our lives, this virus came Not knowing how it would affect us, We shrugged it off, and shook our heads.When everything changed the first timeWe said that we were "all in this together"We looked at the healthcare workers,The only ones headed to work, and thought"they need us right now, we will be there … Continue reading On Their Shoulders

The Last Breath

The last breath he drew was all aloneNo one at his bedside to comfort him By the squeeze of her hand, he let go She gave him a knowing look, a grimace even,And some medicine to help with the gnawing painThe last breath he drew was all aloneThe nurse was the same one he met … Continue reading The Last Breath


An acrostic poetic opinion about opinions! Opinions are important, yes,Proclaiming your views can be influentialI have difficulty sharing them, becauseNot all people receive them wellImagine if we just listenedOh, that would be too kindNot sure if yours, or theirs, could change mindsAre you opening your mind?To truly understand,Even if you disagree?Deliver your views, but open … Continue reading Opinionated

10 Things to Do When You’ve Claimed That You Have Nothing to Do.

It was 2240hrs, (1040 pm for all you non-shift workers) and I exclaimed to my Mother, "I need a hobby!!!". She giggled at me. My 57 year old mother, giggled at me. I said, "What? Whats so funny." She said to me, smiling, "You had those beads...but, you just quit everything you start." Oh that … Continue reading 10 Things to Do When You’ve Claimed That You Have Nothing to Do.