Pools of Blue

Your weathered skin is of a face whose seen the sun far more than anyone I know here
Cause the winters are dark, cold, and long
The intentional marks tattooed on your face show a different story than that of your piercing blue eyes
Those eyes show your innocence even though you’re not, cause those eyes have seen far too much
The pools of blue contained all those tears you wept at night, that young boy who hides behind
The stories you keep inside, too awful to share wide
I bet you don’t know what impact you had on me when you said hello,
Greeted me and asked how I was
Me, a mere girl whose eyes have seen enough, but never like your pain, I can imagine
Never has this face slept outside or seen the sun like yours has
Can we compare our journeys-
The tattoos on my arm, my leg, did they cost more than yours? are they a life to hours comparison? Was the skin once porcelain, that of a babes? it must?
But you and I, we are the same , born in this place
Our journeys are different, our smiles and pleasantries the same. 

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