On Their Shoulders

Invading into our lives, this virus came
Not knowing how it would affect us,
We shrugged it off, and shook our heads.
When everything changed the first time
We said that we were “all in this together”
We looked at the healthcare workers,
The only ones headed to work, and thought
“they need us right now, we will be there for them,
give them what they need to stay strong”.
The weight of the world is on her shoulders

He woke up early, after little sleep, clock read 0530,
Groaning as he sat up and left the bed, his wife soundly sleeping
Pulling on his blue scrubs, and splashing cold water on his face,
he got ready to head for work; in the dark, moon lit morning.
Grabbing his free coffee at McDonalds, the third one this week,
He wonders why no one at the store was masked up yet.
In his car, he checks in, following the algorithm;
The one that proves hes not sick, and shows he is fit to work.
He wonders if today is the day, he brings it home,
The weight of the world is on his shoulders

By late fall, commercials started showing life as we saw it
Masked up persons, all alone, and outdoors listening to music.
Restaurants and bars were closed for dine in,
Businesses shuttered, and others barely surviving.
We are angry and tired now, worn out, and brooding,
And no longer are we “in this together”.
Pitted against each other, tired of restrictions and
Worried about our childrens’ health and their future.
The lack of work and school laying upon us,
The weight of the world is on her shoulders

Our debt increases, and not just personal,
But provincial, federal, and global.
Along with it, our stressors continue
Jobs are scarce, and with government funding
Our motivations decrease as well
We see them heading to work everyday,
No longer are we banging pots or cheering
Now we are annoyed that this mysterious virus
Ruins our lives,while they continue to work and thrive.
The weight of the world is on his shoulders

She did all of the right things, to avoid this day,
Her masks, she wore, and distance she kept,
Only leaving her home to shop for the most essential things.
She wondered just how she got it, and she worries that
She may pass it on to the workers even if she tries her best.
Her lungs burn and quake, at every little move she makes,
Her back hurts from the thin foam mattress the hospital gave,
The tubes have become her life saving appendages,
She is all alone, with no comfort of family and friends,
The weight of the world is on her shoulders

He never saw it coming, never mind the day he was chosen
To lead the people, to direct and take care
To defend, and assist, to prioritize and do the “right” thing
Not many have battled this before, who can he look to for advice?
How can he make everyone happy, how can he satisfy?
The needs of the people are many, and they count on him.
The blame, the praise, the disdain, and the encouragement
There is no winning in this seat, just surviving.
No matter what, it still remains.
The weight of the world is on his shoulders.

Can we be in this together again?
Its difficult and wears our patience,
The give and take, the give and take;
Its wearing at our very core.
We crave normalcy, fun, and fellowship.
We make attempts to compare ourselves to others,
Weighing pros and cons, minimizing lives-
Even our own and others. We justify and say,
“We aren’t meant to be apart”.
The weight of the world is on their shoulders.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

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